Our team is your success

At PENTAG Informatik AG we take our motto seriously. Every day we concentrate our efforts on your success—and we do so with enthusiasm. We are passionate about finding the most efficient software solutions that significantly contribute to your success. To do this, we learn as much as we can about your business in order to create tailor-made IT solutions so that you can reach your goals more quickly. At PENTAG informatik AG, we hold ourselves accountable and keep to agreed upon deadlines and budgets.

PENTAG Informatik’s business segments are:

  • Software Solutions
  • Personnel Support
  • E-Invoicing

Our Partners

We can support you faster and more comprehensively thanks to our partners:

  • Microsoft
  • Basware
  • Spigraph AG (KOFAX)
  • KINETIC ag (Windream)
  • Netapp
  • Edorex Informatik AG
  • Lambda IT
  • Sprintix GmbH
  • Sourcefactory GmbH
  • System 2 Informatik GmbH


We are active in several associations and organizations, which allows us to grow our network and exchange information and experience. They include:

  • TCBE Telematik Cluster Bern
  • Swiss Oracle User Group
  • SwissICT
  • swissDIGIN Forum
  • GS1
  • Swiss Venture Club
  • OdA ICT Bern
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Canton Bern
  • Swiss Made Software

PENTAG – in brief

  • PENTAG Informatik AG was founded by six people on July 19, 1999.
  • Vito Trentadue, Romano Coduri, and Pirmin Suter make up the PENTAG Board of Directors.
  • 100% of PENTAG shares are owned by management and employees.
  • The PENTAG team is made up of 35 employees, two of which are always apprentices.
  • Pirmin Suter (CEO, Senior Consultant), Vito Trentadue (CFO, Senior Consultant) and Romano Coduri (CTO, Senior Consultant) sit on the Management Board.


At the moment, we don’t have any job vacancies!


Are you interested in working with us? I will be happy to discuss any current job vacancies with you.
Vito Trentadue, Head of Human Resources
+41 (0)31 330 24 00



Providing education to IT professionals has been a priority for PENTAG Informatik AG since the company’s inception. We train young application developers in two-year cycles.

During the first year of training, apprentices attend core courses at the Vocational Training Center or Berufsbildungscenter Bbc. There, IT professionals provide them with the basics for a good IT education. During the second year, apprentices take on independent projects, most of which are web-based applications. Later, apprentices work on internal database applications or work with PENTAG employees on customer projects.

Apprentices then use everything they have learned over the course of their apprenticeship to draft their Individual Project Work (IPW), during the last six months of the program. This project, which must be completed during an intense 10-day period, should reflect the breadth of knowledge required by application developers. This includes: project planning, organisation, analysis and design skills, programming and testing, and, of course, complete and accurate documentation.

Would you like to learn more?

Would you like to learn more about the work of an IT professional? During the school holidays, we offer interested students the opportunity to learn more during a two-day orientation program. Our apprentices will take you through the daily work of an IT professional. In addition to designing a website, you will learn a little bit about hardware and software.

Only a limited number of places are available. If interested, please send us an email at with the following information: name, email address, postal address, and telephone number.


  • Romano Coduri

    Romano Coduri

    Head of software development
    Member of the executive board

  • Pirmin Suter

    Pirmin Suter

    Member of the executive board

  • Vito Trentadue

    Vito Trentadue

    Member of the executive board

  • Herbert Haefeli

    Herbert Haefeli

    Senior Consultant

  • Peter Jauner

    Peter Jauner

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Adrian von Gunten

    Adrian von Gunten

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Patrick Bögli

    Patrick Bögli

    Software Engineer

  • Dominik Chanton

    Dominik Chanton

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Petra Fronius

    Petra Fronius

    Software Engineer

  • Alain Geiger

    Alain Geiger

    Head of E-Invoice / Sales E-Invoice

  • Sonja Hager

    Sonja Hager

    Test Engineer

  • Benjamin Hofer

    Benjamin Hofer

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Karin Johner

    Karin Johner

    Assistent HR and Finance

  • Fabrice Kocher

    Fabrice Kocher

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Aleistar Markóczy

    Aleistar Markóczy

    Software Engineer

  • Agnes Mühlethaler

    Agnes Mühlethaler


  • Ellishia Owens Cruz

    Ellishia Owens Cruz

    Software Engineer

  • Robert Pletscher

    Robert Pletscher

    Software Engineer

  • Martin Plüss

    Martin Plüss

    Software Engineer

  • Dominic Riesen

    Dominic Riesen

    Software Engineer

  • André Ruffi

    André Ruffi

    Software Engineer

  • Maic Rust

    Maic Rust

    Senior Consultant

  • Doris Salzmann

    Doris Salzmann


  • Matthias Schlapbach

    Matthias Schlapbach

    Software Engineer

  • Ron Schürch

    Ron Schürch

    Apprentice application development

  • Marjan Sternisa

    Marjan Sternisa


  • Marika Sulke

    Marika Sulke


  • Beat von Niederhäusern

    Beat von Niederhäusern

    Application- / System-Manager

  • Dominik von Wyl

    Dominik von Wyl

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Christina Warren

    Christina Warren


  • Daniel Würth

    Daniel Würth

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Alexander Zbinden

    Alexander Zbinden

    Senior Software Engineer