Flumroc AG chooses PENTAG Informatik AG for E-Invoicing

Flumroc AG, based in Flums, Canton St. Gallen, has been producing stone wool from swiss rock for over 60 years. With over 250 employees, the company along with its subsidiary PAMAG Engineering is among the largest employers in Sarganserland. In addition to their headquarters in Flums SG (production and administration), Flumroc has two additional subsidiaries in Cossonay-Ville and in Metz (France).

Flumroc AG uses rocks from Felsberg and Zernez in Canton Graubunden to produce their stone wool. The rocks – along with production waste and recycled insulation panels– are pressed together to form briquettes in a stone quarry and   processing plant near Sargans. Stone wool and other products have a range of uses, including residential, industrial and commercial building, as well as noise barrier construction.

For their electronic invoicing, Flumroc AG chose E-Invoicing by PENTAG Informatik as their solution. Invoices are electronically transmitted to PENTAG, then converted into the recipient’s preferred format with a qualified digital signature, before being sent to Flumroc’s numerous customers throughout Switzerland.

Shortly thereafter the invoice recipient will receive the electronic invoice, which is compliant with all Swiss and international legal requirements, as either XML-data or as an email pdf.

Flumroc and PENTAG began working together in November 2016 and the first customers (invoice recipients) had already been put in operation by January 2017.


Bern, January 2017

Im February 2017

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