PENTAG Informatik AG closes 2015/2016 on a high note

In September 2016, Bern-based PENTAG Informatik AG closed the financial year on a high note.

Throughout the year, PENTAG Informatik AG made every effort to meet changing customer needs with innovative solutions. The results show that even in a challenging environment PENTAG Informatik AG does well. PENTAG credits their positive results to their Software Solutions sector, which continued to produce the highest levels of revenue; successful participation in WTO call for tenders; and the record-breaking acquisition of new customers in the E-invoicing sector. Over 450 new senders and recipients were added last year.

PENTAG would like to thank all their customers, partners, and employees for their contributions towards this successful year and sends their very best wishes for a very merry Christmas and a happy 2017.

Bern, December 2016

Im November 2016

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