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PENTAG develops software solutions based on your needs and requirements. Our software solutions use the most up-to-date architecture and principles of technology to optimally support your daily business. The smooth functioning of your software solution is thus ensured and your investment guaranteed. We believe that technology is only a means to an end. Here at PENTAG, we are committed to achieving the best possible results for your project. In addition to project management, PENTAG Informatik AG can also provide support and maintenance for your applications.

To supplement our services, we use windream (DMX and Archiving) and KOFAX (Scanning) products as needed.


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Inselspital BernInselspital

In close collaboration with end-users at Bern University Hospital, we have designed and implemented four different applications for the hospital. Built from the ground up, all projects involved analysis of existing workflows, development of concepts and designs, prototyping, testing, implementation and on-going support.

Developed with: ASP.Net, MS SQL Server, JavaScript


Development and maintenance of comprehensive logistics software (SLIDS Swiss Transplant Logistics and Invoice Documentation System) to support the transportation monitoring of organs to be transplanted. The system replaces the excel lists which had been previously used and offers continual data capture of all transports, evaluation of transport quality and simplifies the creation of invoices. It also allows flexibility in the creation of transport forms, evaluations and creation of statistics. Access is possible online by authorized personnel only

Developed with: ASP.Net, C#, Entity Framework, LINQ, Visual Studio, MS SQL Server, iTextSharp, XML, JavaScript

Swiss Post InternationalSchweizerische_Post

For Swiss Post International, we implemented the scanning platform IRIS. Staff in several SPI branches in Switzerland and abroad use IRIS to scan way bills and transport documents. The scanned documents and extracted information are centrally archived. All SPI branch offices have access to these documents.
PENTAG contributed following parts to the solution:

Completion time: 20 person month

24 hour support for the application in Switzerland and abroad.
Further development of new document types and links to new settlements.

Developed with: Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, C#, T-SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, COM


ŸOur long-term relationship with Swisscom has included the following types of projects:
Development and maintenance of a platform to create form letters for e-mails, SMS and letters. This standard product creates individualized form letters that are simple and precise. The platform integrates the standard product in telecom and CRM solutions and enables a centralized print on a printing street or a local print to any location, always with the same letter templates centrally managed.
Maintenance of a reporting engine, which performs circular, time-phased or user selected tasks. This reporting engine allows the execution of scripts, programs and procedures of the most popular technologies. To configure and monitor the engine, a user interface with Java Server Pages was programmed.
Development and maintenance of a central application for individual calculation and recording of credits and debits to customer bills. The independent platform application consists of two layers: the user interface, carried out by Java components, and the business logic, developed in PLSQL.
Maintenance and further development of an SMS platform, which accepts SMS requests from clients. These requests will be processed internally, forwarded to the connected systems and the customer will be answered via SMS. The modular design and use of the latest .NET Framework 3.5 guarantees smooth development and communication with various systems.

Developed with: .NET Framework, ASP, PL/SQL, Java, C#, JavaScript, AngularJs, Oracle DB