Software Test Automation

Software testing is an integral part of Software Development. Often this is done manually by a person who goes about testing the various aspects of the product to verify and validate if it performs as per the defined Specifications and Requirements.

Software test automation simplifies this aspect of Quality Assurance. Repetitive testing processes are run by automated systems in the background similar to virus scanners – improving efficiency and saving time so that developers are free to focus on bug fixes and new features.


  • Software Test Automation saves time and money. Testing can be done regularly and doesn’t require constant monitoring.
  • Test reports can be customized, allowing for an objective analysis of the tests.
  • Testing resources are freed-up for the development of new testing processes, which can evolve as the project moves forward.
  • Overall Test Coverage is enhanced. Lengthy and complex tests can be performed on multiple devises and configurations. Tests can be repeated as often as necessary.
  • Testing teams receive more accurate feedback more often. Clients receive stable results faster.


  • Development of Test scripts requires an initial phase of time allocation to be taken into consideration.
  • Testing teams should possess the know-how and experience to develop reliable scripts to automate the testing processes.
  • Testing scripts require regular maintenance and must be bug free.

The Development team at PENTAG has undertaken and successfully completed numerous projects of varying complexities. Our Test team supports the Development processes with both manual and automated testing techniques, and is currently employing the following technology stack for Angular JS Automation testing:

1) Protractor with Typescript

2) NodeJS, commons, Jasmine

3) Selenium Webdriver

4) Visual Studio Code

5) Source Tree GIT client to manage Code repositories & management


Software testing guarantees quality. PENTAG Informatik AG uses both automated and manual testing methods to ensure that our customers get the quality they expect.

Im August 2017

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